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The Leader: Your reliable Nigerian news site

Welcome to The Leader, one of the most reliable news sites in Nigeria. Established in 1956 by the Irish Missionaries, we are a weekly Catholic newspaper owned and operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri. We mostly cover the happenings within the Catholic church, features, interesting stories in Imo, Abia, Rivers, Anambra and Enugu (Nsukka in Enugu state).

However, we do not only focus on stories of faith. One of the reasons why The Leader has continued for many years is because of our objective reporting on social, economic and political issues happening in Nigeria. We make sure that we are always up to date with the ever-growing political landscape of our country, especially when it comes to laws, elections and political crimes.

To know more about us, continue reading below.

Our mission

Ever since we officially became an online newspaper, our mission has always revolved around Nigerian communities. We strive to be the main information hub that encourages citizens to engage in meaningful conversations, radical changes and activism.

Here at The Leader, we deliver the news and stories that can truly make an impact, no matter how small. For years, our team of writers have followed the lives of many significant figures in Nigeria, events that forever changed the country and the opinions of our citizens. 

How to contact The Leader

Luckily, since we have now entered the virtual space, reaching out to the Leader has become a lot easier. Here is a short guide on how to directly contact us:

For press inquiries

Journalists and industry analysts looking to collaborate with The Leader, you can shoot us a message through the email address provided on our website.

For scoops

If you have news tips or photos you have personally taken, don’t hesitate to submit them to our editors.

For job inquiries

Want to become a part of The Leader’s growing team? Send us your CV, portfolio and contact information. Before applying, make sure that you have the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or any related field
  • Should have on-the-job experience for more than a year

However, if this is your first time applying for this kind of position, we gladly provide comprehensive training for our qualified candidates. You will receive a confirmation email regarding your application, along with the details of the place and location of your training period.

For technical problems

Send us an email if you’re experiencing any technical issues when visiting our website. We will provide you with a ticket and address your concerns as fast as we can!