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The Woman; A River

Women often treat what they have as less superior to what they do not have. We complain about our husbands; our jobs; our children; our homes; our neighbours and almost everything we have. We also complain of not having better jobs; better cars; better bosses; better ‘everything’ just because we feel the one we do not have is superior to the one we have. I see those as inferiority complex.

The saying that ‘you don’t know what you have until you lose it’ will forever remain valid. Most times we appreciate it in the hands of another. We are never satisfied with the little we have. We always see the grass greener on the other side. We appreciate other people’s husbands more than ours. We wish our children are like our neighbours’. Some of us openly reject our parents because ‘they do not befit our statuses, yet we expect our children to stand by us. We always think the next person’s job is easier and pays more.

We understand that the situation of things today is enough to drive one crazy. Prices of almost all commodities in the market have increased but the income of many has remained stagnant for years. Societal expectations are so high and if you do not struggle to meet up with them, you could be called lazy; stingy; wicked; selfish; and all sorts. We continue to raise our personal target bars vis-à-vis the achievements of our peers and others around us. All those are good but some things are better.

Can we begin by giving ourselves more positive re-orientation about life? Those that appear to have no problems have actually done a lot of packaging. They go through their pains in the dark and put up smiling faces as the sun appears. They work harder than usual to make ends meet. They plan themselves within their means and keep their appearances simple. They treat their chicken as cow to the envy of on-lookers. They believe in themselves and their strength. Most importantly they put all their trust in God.

Here comes another call to gladly accept and appreciate whatever life presents us. It doesn’t always come rosy. All we need is to ask for God’s grace to accept situations we cannot change and work hard to change the things we can. Let us appreciate our parents and siblings; they are God’s gifts.  Let us appreciate nature; we can never pay for them. Appreciate your little; it is capable of becoming an empire.


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