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3 countries banning the practice of Christianity

The Leader: 3 countries banning the practice of Christianity

Although Christianity is considered to be the biggest religion across the world with approximately more than two billion followers, it is still banned in some countries. Some Christians live in areas where being a follower of Jesus is illegal, and in worse cases, punishable by death. 

In fact, according to the 2021 World Watch List annual report produced by Open Doors, 13 Christians are killed every year for practising their beliefs and faith. The reason behind this is that in some nations, especially under a totalitarian government or group, Jesus Christ is deemed as a threat. 

So, where is it most risky to be a Christian today? Take a look at this list:

North Korea

North Korea is arguably the most difficult place to live as a Christian. There are approximately ten thousand Christians who are abducted or imprisoned because of their religion. This persecution is mostly prompted by the state, especially since the country is operating on a dictatorial rule. 

When a communist regime was established in the country in 1945, the country discouraged the practice of Christianity due to its connection with America. Moreover, North Korea centres around its attention to revering the Kim family, especially the supreme leader of the country, Kim Jong-un.


If you’re a Christian who lives in Afghanistan and you want to ensure your safety, you have to treat your religion like it’s top-secret. Ever since the Taliban took control of the country once again in 2021, persecution against Christians has worsened.

This is especially true when you’re a Muslim who became a Christian. In the country, since leaving Islam is widely considered to be a sign of madness, you will be coerced to enter a psychiatric facility. On the other hand, if you’re the only female Christian in your family, you will likely face violence, abuse and rape. An honour killing is also possible, where your family has to kill you to gain their honour back.


In India, due to Hindu extremism, Christians suffer from constant abuse and persecution in their everyday lives. There was one incident where a group of Christians was having their usual worship service when a swarm of Hindu men attacked them. They punched the pastors, shouted Hindu slogans and assaulted the women in the gathering.

When the police arrived, instead of arresting the attackers, they jailed the pastors with the accusation of violating the anti-conversion law. This is only an example of many crimes committed against Christians. Due to the rising anti-Christianity craze in the country, Christian literature is burned, churches and Catholic schools are attacked and worshippers are violently treated. 

However, for extremists, these attacks are justified as a way of preventing Christians from converting Hindus. So, to protect themselves, Christians are forced to deny their faith just t stay alive.

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