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President Buhari reveals a bombing attack against him

President Buhari reveals a bombing attack against him

On January 20, 2022, President Buhari revealed that he escaped a bombing attack near the Kawo Bridge while on his way to Katsina State in July 2014. This recollection was prompted after the President visited the Kaduna state to inaugurate the projects by the Nasir el-Rufai-led Kaduna government.

‘The unfortunate event, clearly an assassination attempt, came from a fast-moving vehicle that made many attempts to overtake my security car but was blocked by my escort vehicle. We reached the market area of Kawo where he attempted to take advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car and instantly detonated the bomb, which destroyed all the three vehicles in our convoy.

Unfortunately, when I came out of my vehicle, I saw many dead bodies littered around. They were innocent people going about their daily businesses who became victims of mass murder. Thank God for His mercy, I came out unhurt but with three of my security staff sustaining minor injuries – they have since been treated in the hospital and discharged,’ Buhari wrote shortly after the incident.

Aside from Buhari, the 2014 Kaduna bombing had targeted the Islamic cleric Dahiru Bauchi. The attack happened after he finished a preaching session in Murtala Muhammed square, travelling inside an open-roofed vehicle. The bomber abruptly lunged at him when his convoy pulled up before the private security could stop him.

To protect the safety of Nigerians living in the area, Mukhtar Yero, Kaduna’s governor during that time, declared a 24-hour curfew.

‘The enemies of peace have visited us with their ungodly venom of wanton destruction. Those behind the act have no notion of God, as they have none for the sanctity of human life’, he said.

Many believed that this attack was executed by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. Over the years, anyone who opposes their extremist views is considered to be their enemy. 

To address the frequent bombing and acts of terrorism in Nigeria, President Buhari has also vowed to intensify the state’s security measures. He stated that security forces will be utilizing the latest military hardware to defeat threats against the state, especially in the northern part of the country.

‘I have ordered, and we have started receiving, some military hardware, aircraft, armoured cars, helicopters, and we are going to be very hard on them’, Buhari announced.

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