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Bishop Amatu visits St. Peter’s Umuderim …Confirms 39 faithful

Bishop Amatu flanked by Fr. (Prof.) Cajethan Ehiem, Fr. Francis
Nwachukwu, Fr. Damian Iwundu and the newly confirmed faithful



Bishop Amatu visits St. Peter's Umuderim …Confirms 39 faithful

Most Rev. Solomon Amamchukwu Amatu, Bishop of Okigwe Diocese on Sunday August 22, paid a pastoral visit to St. Peter’s Catholic Church Umuderim, Ihitte Uboma LGA, where he confirmed 39 faithful.

The prelate celebrated the Eucharist with Rev. Fr. Damian Iwundu, Parish Priest, Very Rev. Fr. Cajethan Ehiem, Vicar General I, Very Rev. Fr. Francis Nwachukwu, Dean, Ihitte-Uboma Deanery, Very Rev. Fr. (Barr.) Jude Onyenagada and Rev. Fr. Okeagu Chibuike, the Chancellor among others.

In his homily, Bishop Amatu appreciated the presence of the concelebrants and the laity.

He paid tributes to the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Damian Iwundu for the renovation and reconstruction of the church and harped on the exigency of renewal of faith which began at baptism. The prelate went on to pose  questions to the congregation by asking if the congregation has forsaken evil and the works of the devil and there was a loud response from the congregation in the affirmative.

Bishop Amatu recalled how Joshua promised that himself and his family have elected to worship God, the creator of heaven and earth. He harped on the renewal of covenant with God; belief in the trinity of one God and existence of the Holy Spirit and aligned himself with the second reading which enjoined fathers to respect and love their wives.

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