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Fulanization and Talibanization of Nigeria



Rev. Msgr Nathaniel Ndiokwere

Nigerians must open their eyes. It is getting late. The Fulanis, (not even Muslims) are on the move!! Nigerian Christians must get these points rightly clear otherwise the bush fire will consume us all. The Fulani Jihad led by Usman Dan Fodio captured the Hausa tribes and territories and slaughtered most of the traditional leaders.

Those who survived were turned to Emirs. Surely today Hausa land as a tribe or a state is seen as a slave of the Fulani, as a vassal. A vassal state is a state with varying degrees of independence or autonomy in its internal affairs but is dominated by the Slave Masters.

As we Southerners learn from those we used to address as “NDI AWUSA”, they are the FULANIS, in the name of BANDITS who have completely taken over Hausa land or States and declared them Sharia States.  They kidnap freely and millions of ransom money are paid freely which they use to acquire weapons for the final Jihad in Nigeria.

As Christians and citizens of Southern Nigeria most of us ignorantly used to heap all Northerners together as “MUSLIMS”, or even “ONE ETHNIC GROUP”. What a calamity! The consequences of Islamization of Hausa land can be seen from the Plateau State example. Apply the same to the whole area referred to as MIDDLE BELT.

Dangerous Fulani strategies: (Attention please)

The Fulani have developed strategies that seem to work, the principal being to conquer and occupy. It is not a joke. They mean business!

1. The kidnapping around communities in the states is a sign and a test of strength. They want to know your readiness and defense mechanism.

2. With huge ransom money being collected they equip their armory and get them ready for war. It is only a deceived ignoramus who talks about non-violent protests, diplomacy and ‘no reprisals’.

3. One must ask oneself why the Fulani bandits that are Muslims are now killing the same Muslims in the Northwest. But killing a Fulani in Plateau State will be viewed by Islamic world as killing a Muslim? What a nightmare!

4. All the engineering of religious crises in the state is the handwork of the FULANI TRIBE to apply their strategies of killing the indigenes, even Muslims as it is going on in Muslim dominated states.

Urgent steps to avert the Fulani strategies:

Now that God has helped us to understand some of their strategies, it is needful concerned Nigerians and state government to urgently:-

1. Get prepared to fight the Fulanis who are bent on exterminating all tribes in Nigeria. Christian communities and ethnic groups in all states should now know the Fulani strategy and must participate in the Christian Crusade against Islamic Jihad. Who brought VIOLENCE into the Amalgamated Nigeria dilemma?

2. All forms of resistance must be applied. Self-defense is a human right.

3. Only the joint efforts and force applied by the Hausa (NDI AWUSA) and the other indigenous peoples of Nigeria, Igbo, Yoruba, Mid-West, South-South (MBA MMILI), can help the Fulani-Taliban to understand that their strategies have been uncovered.

4. It must be made clear to all Nigerian political bandits – North and South- that the strategy and crazy distraction, in the name of Elections 2023 must remain a dream. How can free and fair elections be organized in a country where injustice, deceit, lack of freedom of expression, genocide, bribery, and corruption has become the order of the day?

5. Actions taken by all freedom fighters – Biafra and IPOB, Yoruba nation, Lower Niger Congress, Middle Belt Movement must be supported by every Nigerian who believes in Freedom and detests slavery in any form.

Sit-at-Home order and IPOB:

Maliciously outlawed and unjustly included in the camp of “terrorists”, its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu arrested and detained, IPOB  remains the indispensable arm of the fight-for the Restoration of Biafra and of course its Security Outfit. There is practically nothing wrong in the SIT-AT-HOME order by IPOB. Any person or group of people criticizing the ORDER must think again and understand that freedom is never won in a platter of gold.  Any freedom-fighter who decides to observe the order is a true patriot. It is even more praiseworthy if one takes it as a personal decision and sacrifice.

No amount of economic loss or other inconveniences can compare with the gain all patriots who participate make today, tomorrow, and in the future. No serious patriot should wait to be forced to make the SIT-AT-HOME Order a success. This single “TITHE” you pay for the survival and the freedom of the younger generation of the people will never contribute to your economic failure. What is your contribution to the struggle? Let the day be a day of PRAYER, MEDITATION AND FASTING and NOT WAR. Do not join saboteurs, enemies, detractors and evil men and women.


Afghanistan is a case study for all of us. If truly the Taliban are Muslims and the indigenes are Muslims, why are the indigenes fleeing the country? THE FULANI IS THE TALIBAN OF NIGERIA, and Freedom-fighters must never allow deceit and intimidation win the day. The indigenes, owners of the land cannot flee and allow the TALIBAN to take over. Flee to where? It should be the other way round, my people.  All Indigenous peoples and Christians of Nigeria need to understand this.

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