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Harvesting the fruits of August Meeting



As curtain draws on 2019 August Meeting: Women wing of Umunakanu Town Union Honour Natives with Award

Once again, the eagles are gathering. They have come from different locations, home and abroad, to discuss, plan and execute various community projects. They would look back on their achievements in the past year or two, take inventory, and chat a new way forward, for the next one year.  Our “proud” wives and mothers:  “Ezinne,”  “Nneoma,”  ” Odoziaku,” home makers and nation builders are here again to do what they can to improve the wellbeing of the community.

At August meetings, our women get together to raise funds, discuss relevant issues and solve problems.  They hand out welfare packages and initiate quality community projects that truly benefit the people.  In some communities, the women have built and equipped health care centres, schools, and community halls. They have given scholarships to school children, helped the poor, trained craftsmen and women, sunk water boreholes, equipped vigilante groups, empowered small business owners and done many more.  There is no doubt that the August meeting has yielded positive results in many communities, despite initial criticisms the meeting suffered.     

We commend our women, initiators and organizers of the meeting. We urge them, as agents of change, to shun disunity and concentrate on the job of building the community, family and home.  It is known that there are those who would want to politicize the meeting, break the women into factions so they can abandon their laudable goals and pursue ignoble ideas and get involved in chieftaincy tussle or championing individual selfish politicial ambitions.  The women should flee from activities that bother on materialism and celebration of wealth, as those will defeat the purpose of the meeting, alienate the poor and give the women a bad name.  Once attention shifts and organizers lose focus, August meeting will cease to be what it is.  

There is no doubt that women have a pride of place in the home and community.  As the perceived neck that turns the head, their importance cannot be over stressed.   Women must use their God-given power to help build the community, and raise better children, especially now that the society is in dire need of morals, social cohesion, guidance and unity. 

   We urge the “August Women,” especially those operating from the church to lend their support to the fight against obnoxious practices in the Igbo culture. What readily comes to mind is the nasty “Osu” caste system that has done more harm than good to Ndigbo. But there are also the various expensive marriage rites, what can be called “widows woes” and the denial of certain rights to daughters.  These and more can all benefit from August meeting.

We also urge our mothers to look into the affairs of the boy child, many of whom are going astray in our communities.  We wish the “Odoziobodo” of every community a thoughtful, fruitful and happy August meeting.

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