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Killings in Imo: It’s time to change strategy – Anglican Archbishop Onuoha



Killings in Imo: It's time to change strategy – Anglican Archbishop Onuoha

As the state of insecurity in Imo State continues to deteriorate by the day, following the killing of Umu Imo by unknown gunmen and security operatives, which has now reached an alarming level, religious leaders of various Christian denominations have joined their voices in calling for a stop to it and appealing for a way out of the violence.

A press release issued by Most Rev. Dr. David O.C. Onuoha, Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Anglican Communion, on  Friday June 4, 2021 reads:

“That the people of the Southeast have been unfairly treated by the Federal Government is not in contention. It is also not in doubt that recent agitations by people of the zone are fuelled by their consistent and flagrant marginalization in the Nigerian project. The agitations are further propelled by persistent failure of agents of state to take the expected strong stand against killings and maiming of people in their homes by so-called killer herdsmen,

“While the underpinnings of the provoked agitations are understandable, I wish to call on those who are agitating to review their strategy and shun all forms of violence so as not to play into the hands of men whose real goal may be to set lgboland backwards by turning it into a theatre of war. The threat to wreck on lgboland worse havoc than we passed through during the war must not be taken lightly.

“What we have witnessed in Imo State, in the past couple of weeks leaves one no choice but to conclude that the threat of extermination of lgbos by people with access to instruments of coercion is real.

The killing of umu Imo by unknown gun men and security operatives has reached such an alarming level that we really need to stop, reflect and quickly find a way to bring back order.

While not in anyway absolving those who are guilty of shedding other people’s blood for whatever reason, we strongly insist that the indiscriminate arrest and murder of innocent citizens should cease.

“To this effect, it is necessary for government to note that its strong-arm strategy has not been effective. If anything, it is worsening the security situation and creating room for further distrust of its sincerity. The present clampdown strategy is fuelling the insinuation of ‘enslavement’ and making it difficult for elders to convince their younger ones to look onto only God for justice. It is imperative for Government therefore to take immediate measures to de-escalate the prevailing tension.

“I passionately call on all well-meaning citizens of Imo state and indeed lgboland to shun partisanship and unite in an urgent search for a solution to this crisis.

Our Governor needs to rise up now and provide the fatherly leadership that will ensure the return of peace in the state. apatriotic Think-Tank is required at this time for the best way out of this ugly situation. No sacrifice in this direction is too big for our survival as a people.”

May we be steadfast in prayer for the Good Lord to intervene in this situation and deliver us from this trouble.

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