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Naval Base to be set up in Kano Desert: Strange Phenomenon – Only in Nigeria



Christian Crusade and Islamic Jihad – The Nigerian scenario


Who says all is well with the nation called Nigeria? As far back as 2007, this writer had published a book titled “ONLY IN NIGERIA”. It sold like hot cake and was re-published three times. Most Nigerians, who bought and thoroughly read the book, reflected seriously on the issues being exposed, wondered at what today is going on in the nation and how Nigeria would ever be described as “Great” or in fact would achieve greatness.  Most actually accepted the intentions of the author – exposing these amazing, strange, and disturbing phenomena, thus raising alarm, ringing warning bells, thus making people, particularly the Elites and Leaders get worried about the consequences of inaction.

Military/Naval base to be located in the desert area of Kano State, northern Nigeria

This is only a new example among the catalogue of woes that besiege Nigeria today in the modern world. It is no more a question of ‘Fake news’ or “Hate Speech”.

The litany of our Nigerian dilemma continues:

(1) It is only in Nigeria that a nation sets up or plans to build a naval base in a desert region of the country. It is only in Nigeria that the leaders of a nation ignore the best locations in the Southern parts of the country, where water, streams, rivers, oceans are naturally found in abundance, but prefer the Northern parts, mostly deserts,  to build its NAVAL, AIRFORCE AND MILITARY  bases.  WHY?

(2) It is only in Nigeria that SEA PORTS of international standards that would serve the people well are shut down (in the South)  and only one, far away from most business users, remains open (Lagos) and most of the time overcrowded, costly for users and full of dangers, catastrophes, and nightmares. WHY?

(3) It is only in Nigeria that a ‘most cherished Refinery’ is located far away in a desert region of the country, Kaduna, but the ‘most neglected Refinery’ barely functions in the region where the oil is located. Even refineries are built by the Nigerian government in neighboring foreign countries and states that have no drop of crude oil or oil products. WHY?

(4) It is only in Nigeria that railways are built to serve neighboring countries and few or none are built to serve the people, over 70% of the population.

(5) It is only in Nigeria that well-constructed cities are built for terrorists and bandits, also referred as BOKO HARAM, and these cities are named (SAMBISA) “FORESTS”.

(6) It is only in Nigeria that the nation’s borders are left open for foreigners of known and unknown identities. No passports and visas are required by Nigerian immigration officials. The leaders of Nigeria do not care about Insecurity.

(7) It is only in Nigeria that citizens, owners of the land, referred to IDP (Internally displaced persons), counting in millions become Refugees in their country, and Foreigners grab their lands and properties and threaten to kill and wipe them out of the face of the earth if they complain, and fail to make peace with the Bandits by surrendering their lands! WHY?

(8) It is only in Nigeria that former cattle rearers or herdsmen, who enjoyed the hospitality, friendship, and protection of people of Southern Nigeria, men, women, and children, have overnight turned to become the most brutal and vicious enemies of their former benefactors. The poor, herdsmen (mostly boys) those days carried sticks. Now and today, they carry dangerous weapons of war, including AK47, to kill, rape and destroy the farmlands of their former friends and benefactors. Who turned them into warriors and enemies of the people? WHO? WHY?

(9) It is only in Nigeria that foreigners must secure owners’ lands by force (RUGA), settle down in communities, build their mosques and organize and adhere to strange culture and Sharia, side by side with the owners of the land. Communities in Igbo villages, for example “UMUDIKE”, UMUOKWARA, UMUNDUGBA, OR “ELUAMA” must share land and community heritage with foreign FULANI communities!  Is this not strange, chaotic and one of the expected signs of the end! WHY?

(10) It is only in Nigeria that one united country, presumed to practice democracy, actually operates military dictatorship and feudalism. The constitution allows a part of the country to completely ignore the dividends of democracy and replace “the government of the people, by the people, and for the people” with SHARIA – religious regulations governing the lives of Muslims. WHY? What of non-Muslims living in this Islamic nation and state? What does “democratic elections” mean in Nigeria?

(11) It is Only in Nigeria that, the presumed Masters of the nation insist, under threat of death or life-imprisonment anyone or ethnic group that challenges the Grand Masters’ “Modus Operandi” and “Dictum”: “NIGERIA UNITY IS UNNEGOTIABLE!” By fire, by force, restructuring of the nation, the wish of over 80% of the owners of the land become an “Anathema” (a formal curse imposed on a ‘Rebel” WHY?

(12) It is only in Nigeria that a section of the country enjoys the First-Place Advantages in employment and education.  In “Quota System”, an Elementary school pupil gets a contested position before a High School or even a university student who has no Islamic Visa. WHY?

(13) It is only in Nigeria that “REPENTANT” Criminals, Bandits, Thieves, Murderers, Rapists, Kidnappers, and most dangerous gangs are without ceremonies welcomed back to rejoin kit and kin, and soon offered highest jobs and positions. Let’s stop here with these few examples.

Stop! Think about it!

The Fulanis have all key positions in government. WHY? At the final stage toward full Fulanization and Islamization of Nigeria, note that all top key positions in government are occupied by Fulanis. Name them: The President/Presidency, Senate President, Chief Justice of the Federation, Deputy Speaker, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Inspector General of Police, Director, DSS, National Security Adviser, Minister of Defense, Commander, NSCDC, Chairman, NDLEA, Director, National Intelligence Agency, Director, Military Intelligence, Director, Naval Intelligence, Director, Air Force Intelligence, Director, Immigration, Director, Nigerian Ports Authority, Controller, Apapa and Tin Can Ports Lagos, Commandant, Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos, General Manager, NNPC, Minister, Petroleum Resources, etc.  Any ‘hue’ (variety of colors), a non- Fulani minister is found among this clique, the mafia, this so-called ‘Minister’ is simply one of their slaves, stooges or puppets.  WHY?


In a “Federal Character policy government”, practically all leadership positions are occupied by citizens of one Tribe or ethnic group.  Most Southerners – young and the elderly – will finally get stranded.  Who is to blame? Surely most Christians have read or heard this parable: “If the owner of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not let his house be broken in…(Mt. 24. 43ff).

In our case, the “Thief” has already entered your house. What are you doing? What are your own plans? What are your contributions toward avoiding an unprecedented catastrophe in Nigeria’s history?

Are you amused, amazed, entertained, or worried?  

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