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NLC vows to resist another increase in fuel price



NLC vows to resist another increase in fuel price

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Sunday, March 28, warned the Federal Government that the Nigerian people and workers would resist any attempt to increase the fuel pump price to N234 per litre, in the face of severe hardship being faced by the masses.

The President of NLC, Ayuba Wabba, who gave the position of Labour while speaking to journalists at the weekend said organized Labour would not allow inefficiency of the system that past and present governments have not been able to address be transferred to ordinary Nigerians.

Nonetheless, the NLC pledged to support the move by the Federal Government to fix the refineries, but said a due diligence and transparency should be deployed in committing resources to make sure the refineries are working.

Wabba said: “As we have said clearly, Nigerians and NLC will continue to resist this imposition on us. In fact, Nigerians are at the brink, we have been pushed to the wall and many cannot even afford a meal per day.

Therefore, increasing the price of this important commodity will exacerbate the current bad situation.

“We have said it very clearly that we would continue to resist this anti-people and neoliberal policies that were imposed on Nigeria by Bretton Woods Institutions. There is no way we would allow inefficiency of our system that past and present governments have not been able to address be transferred to ordinary Nigerians.”

Rather than imposing another hardship on the masses, Wabba said the Nigerian citizens at this time requires palliatives and not additional hardship.

He emphasized that the Nigerian people should be seen to enjoy the proceed as a oil producing country whenever the price of crude oil goes up in the international market, but regretted that what should bring an advantage to the masses was rather being translated to hardship by Nigerian Government.

The NLC president said: “In the midst of the price of crude oil price going up, which should be an advantage to all of us, it should not actually be a burden that we will now be lamenting that the price have gone up instead of us benefiting as Nigerians.”

Ripples Nigeria had reported that the Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Malam Mele Kyari, revealed last week that a litre of petrol also known as Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) may soon be sold for N234 per litre.

Kyari explained that the new price was being contemplated because the NNPC can no longer sustain the monthly subsidy of N120 billion ($263,248 million) in dispensing the product at the current rate.

He emphasized that the NNPC could no longer afford to bear the cost, adding that sooner or later Nigerians would have to pay the actual cost for the commodity.

He said: “Today, NNPC is the sole importer of petrol. We are importing at market price and we are selling at N162. Looking at the current price situation, the market price could have been between N211 and N234 per litre.”

…Shut up, you’re toothless bulldog, IPMAN blasts labour

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), Rivers State chapter, has described the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) under its present leadership as a toothless bulldog.

IPMAN chairman, Dr. Joseph Obele, stated this in response to threats by the NLC to resist any increase in pump price of petroleum products.

Obele said labour leaders should hide their face in shame, vowing that the government would dare them by increasing the current pump price above N220 in a short time and labour would do nothing.

He said agitating for improved living standards for workers was a critical objective of labour, but said the contrary has been the case with the current leadership of NLC.

Obele alleged  that under the watch of the present leadership of NLC,  there have been several unfavourable policies by the Federal Government, like fuel price moved from N97 to N163 and incessant increments in power utility bills, which the labour leaders have failed to respond to.

 “Nigerians have lost confidence in the present leadership of Nigeria Labour Congress. I recommend that a special kindergarten Montessori should grant admission to labour’s present leadership for them to learn the objectives labour union.

The primary objective of labour is to promote and protect the interests of its members. Besides, a labour union also has to accomplish certain social and economic responsibilities which are targeted at bringing a better life to her citizens at large.”

The IPMAN chairman said a national labour or trade union besides fighting for the rights of workers must also see to it that it discharges its oversight responsibilities.

“National labour leaders are supposed to be watchdog to the Federal Executive Council and voice of citizens against marginalization, poor economic policies that are perceived to bring hardship upon the people, oppression or welfare of workers and others.”


Ban foreign football matches so that Nigerians can watch their League – Shehu Sani to FG



Ban foreign football matches so that Nigerians can watch their League – Shehu Sani to FG

The former Senator who represented Kaduna Central at the 8th Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani has lamented that Nigerians are not showing interest in the Nation’s football league.

He observed that last week’s match between Kano Pillars and Enyimba FC was not discussed by Nigerians. He said neither the people in Kano nor those in Abia showed interest in that match but if it were to be an English Premiership or European Football matches, countless Nigerians would have been interested.

The former senator suggested banning of foreign football match broadcast so that Nigerians can start watching the local teams.

“Yesterday, Kano Pillars defeated Enyimba FC by 2:1 at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium kaduna; neither the people of Kano nor those of Abia showed any interest in the match. If it were English or European Football matches, the madness could have been immeasurable. What about banning the broadcast of foreign football matches so that we can all be patriots and watch our local teams”, Shehu Sani said.

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Insecurity: Time running out on Nigeria – Onaiyekan warns



Insecurity: Time running out on Nigeria - Onaiyekan warns

Some Nigerian leaders of thought have urged urgent action to address the country’s present challenges and stave off impending doom, saying it is no longer a time to just complain and do nothing.

The leaders who came under the Nigerian Inter-Faith Initiative for Peace (IIP), under its Tripartite Consultation (TC), called for reconciliation, peace and national cohesion for a prosperous nation under God.

The group made the call during the TC joint consultation meeting on the “State of the Nation” in Abuja, Wednesday  June 9.

The convener of the meeting, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, said that as heavy clouds of impending tempest hang over the nation, people should not just sit back and complain.

“Nigerians cannot just sit back, complaining or merely waiting for the worst to happen. Many are thinking aloud, speaking out clearly, discussing and dialoguing to seek a way out of our impasses quickly.

“This tripartite consultation is one of such many voluntary fora for positive conversations on the state of the nation.

“We must find our way back as a country from the brink of chaos and look forward to reconciliation, peace and national cohesion, for a prosperous nation under God,” he said.

According to the Archbishop of Emeritus of Abuja, the state of the nation calls for major concern as the challenges facing the country were many, serious and well known to all.

Cardinal Onaiyekan noted that Nigerians were talking, often complaining and, at times, even threatening to quit a dysfunctional state in which they had lost all trust and faith.

He said that in the midst of the voices, the government should come out with a clear position and explanation why certain things that ought not to happen were happening in a modern and civilised state.

The clergyman also said that the National Assembly, which is the institutional forum for fruitful dialogue and conversation, should try to live up to expectation.

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I alone can’t guarantee security in Imo, says Uzodimma



I alone can't guarantee security in Imo, says Uzodimma

The Governor of Imo State, Sen. Hope Uzodinma, has declared that he cannot guarantee security in the state if left alone.

After meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Uzodimma told newsmen that stakeholders, including traditional, religious and political leaders, must engage more with the people to restore normalcy in the beleaguered state.

According to him, former political office holders, who fail to speak against the activities of trouble-makers, have questions to answer.

“If they speak out against the unwholesome activities of those destabilising the country, things would be different,” he said, adding that he was at the Villa to brief the President on the situation in the state.

While acknowledging that all is not well with the country, the governor warned that those destroying government property must be ready to face the consequences.

Although insecurity is prevalent everywhere in Nigeria, the authorities in Imo were doing their best to tackle the situation, he stated.

“So far, the situation is relatively okay in Imo State than it was. People can come around and do business. Normal life has resumed in the state. Security agencies are on top of the situation,” he said.

The governor dismissed the allegation that his recent utterances foreclosing dialogue were part of the problems fuelling the seemingly hopeless situation in the state.

His words: “That is their thinking. I don’t know the kind of utterance that I have made that suggests that I closed the door. If you have monitored what is going on in Imo of late, you would have seen me receiving leadership by leadership according to the local council, trying to find a common way of resolving these security challenges in the state.

“It is not only Imo that has security challenges. In fact, I can even tell you that Imo’s case is better, apart from one or two cases that involved Very Important Personalities (VIPs). There has never been a time 20 persons died simultaneously or school children were kidnapped, and all that.”

On why it was difficult for him to mention names of politicians behind the insecurity in the state and get them arrested, he said: “It is not only in Imo; I didn’t limit it to Imo. I am saying, and I want to say it again, that cases of insecurity here and there in the country have not been helped by the posture of the opposition party and some aggrieved politicians.”

According to him, anybody worth his onion as a leader should be able to speak out.

“How many of them are speaking out? How many of them are condemning what is going on? Rather, what you see are leaders fanning the embers of insecurity, blaming the only government.”

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