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Protect our people, defend our homes and lands

Editor’s Note: Most Rev. Anthony J.V. Obinna, Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, has been at the forefront in charging governments of Igbo speaking area to discharge their onerous responsibility of protecting the people from all forms of insecurity and external aggression.
As the security situation now appears to be almost getting out of control in Imo State and Nigeria, we reproduce below his charge to Governor Hope Uzodimma, first published in The Leader of June 14, 2020.



Protect our people, defend our homes and lands

A Charge to the Imo State Governor and other Igbo leaders

In the midst of the fear, panic and anxiety caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is unfortunate, sad and very distressing that our people are being subjected to vicious threats and acts of invasion, massacre and sack from herdsmen from the Northern part of Nigeria.

The hatred against Igbos in Nigeria had already been demonstrated through Nigeria’s brutal war against Igbos who had decided to live on their own as Biafrans away from a Nigeria that had rejected them with so many merciless killings in cold blood.

Not satisfied with defeating us in an uneven war there is this threat to wipe out the Igbos and take over our God-given homes and lands. Having already spoken to Governor Hope Uzodinma on these threats, I hereby publicly charge him to recognize that it is his primary duty as Chief Security Officer of Imo State to protect the lives of Imo people, their homes and their lands.

Your Excellency, your voice should be loud and clear on this life and death issue. I equally charge other Igbo Governors and all Igbo leaders at various levels to protect our people, our homes and our lands. I urge all our people to rise up in prayer to God, in vigilance and in legitimate self-defence.

The right to life, to our homes and to our lands is God-given.

May God our Supreme Protector and Defender come to our aid.

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