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Protest in Owerri over killings, extortions



Protest in Owerri over killings, extortions

The members of Imo Peace Advocate on Tuesday June 15 took to the streets of Owerri to protest incessant killings of Imolites and indiscriminate arrest of Imo residents. 

The coordinator of the protest, Chief Ikechukwu Acharaike Chukwu from Ahiazu Mbaise who spoke to The Leader said, “For the past few weeks there has been unrest in the once peaceful Imo State. We are here to protest the shootings, killings and indiscriminate arrest of innocent citizens; we are on this protest in order to restore peace in our dear State Imo”.

On where the protesters are drawn from, he said, that they are drawn from the twenty seven local government areas of Imo State, including Student Unions, traders and artisans. 

Chief Acharaike frowned at the numerous roadblocks mounted in the state and the attendant extortion of transporters and called for an end to it. He hoped that the protest would send strong signal to the hoodlums and thus end the menace.

On their demands from the governor, he said, “absolute peace in the State.” The protesters also denounced killings, destruction of public infrastructure and attack on the State Police Headquarters and the Owerri Correctional Centre during which 1,800 inmates escaped.

The protest kicked-off from Heroes Square New Owerri and terminated at the Government House with security operatives monitoring the placard carrying protesters. Some of the inscriptions on the placards read: “Allow peace reign in Imo,” “Imo needs peace”, “We say no to taking of innocent lives”, “Imo is not at war”, etc.



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